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What to Look for in the Roof when You’re Buying a Home

The Atlanta housing market is crazy! The inventory is tight, and buyers are forced to act quickly when they find something they like! Forcing buyers to overlook the property assessment, like the home's condition and what kind of repairs it might need, can be scary!

Red Flags when Buying a Home Some red flags to look out for when buying a home include:

  • Poor condition of the house or property

  • Structural issues or foundation problems

  • Water damage or mold

  • Evidence of pests or rodents

  • Unusual or strong odors

  • Location in a high crime area or flood zone

  • Overpriced compared to similar properties in the area

  • Seller unwilling to provide disclosure documents or answer questions about the property.

  • Condition of the roof of the home

Choosing a home is one of the most important decisions you will make, and it should be treated as such, and that’s why it’s so crucial to know what you are looking for when you buy a house. What about the roof? What kind of material should it be made out of? What are some warning signs that there might be problems with the roof? These questions can all be answered if you research before buying a home.

The house's roof is one of the most expensive features of any home. When you consider buying your new home, you should make sure that the roof on the house is sturdy, reliable, and has been well-maintained. Learn more about roof maintenance.

Roof Inspection When buying a home, it's essential to inspect the roof carefully. Look for any signs of damage, such as missing or broken shingles, cracks, or leaks. Make sure the roof is installed correctly and has adequate insulation. Check for any signs of wear and tear, such as sagging or uneven areas. Additionally, consider the roof's age and whether it needs to be replaced soon. A professional inspection by a licensed roofing contractor can also provide valuable information about the roof's condition.

Know how old the roof is When buying a new house, knowing the roof's age is essential. This isn’t as much of an issue if you are getting a new house. However, if you buy from someone selling their old home and have lived there for some time (and haven’t had any repairs done), how do you determine when the roof was installed?

You can look at two things to find out how old your rooftop is:

  • Homeowners Insurance Policy

  • Property Taxes.

Some homeowners insurance policies have a section that lists what kind of materials were used for certain parts of the home – including roofs! This information might not always be readily available, but it should be something you can inquire about. Property taxes are another way to determine the age of a rooftop because they will list when the house was built.

Good Ventilation System A good ventilation system is critical when it comes to a rooftop. You want your roof to have good ventilation because that will reduce moisture and mold growth – which means the risk of leaks goes down too!
For some roofs, this might mean opening spaces between shingles or other components so air can flow easily. For others, specific vents (and sometimes fans)need to be installed for enough airflow to happen and reduce the risks associated with potential mold growths on the roof itself.
Canals and Seepage System- Inspecting seepage systems involves getting up on the roof and inspecting a roof’s condition. A seepage system involves downspouts, gutters, and drainage pipes. This part is a bit tricky, and recommended that you don’t do it yourself unless you are experienced in doing so. We recommend that you hire an expert.
Look for Breaks and Leaks-Roof leaks, which you do not want to deal with right after buying a house. A leaking roof is harmful not just to your floors but also to your furniture and the house's structure. It’s just such a mess! You are better off avoiding it than dealing with it.
Once the leaking begins, it is most often tough to track the source of the leak. The leak is not always where it seems, which is quite frustrating. You will need professionals to find and remove a leak once it begins. It’s very important to inspect your roof by an experienced professional for any possibility of leakage before you decide to buy that home.
Mold on the Roof- The main reasons for mold development are poor ventilation system and water leakage. Though you might think otherwise, mold can grow more in a hot climate.
One of the main reasons behind a moldy rooftop is a direct result of water intrusion from the roof. Many people see the mold, get it fixed and overlook the source that made it happen. In this case, the mold returns to the same spot because the source of the leak was not fixed.
Mold on the rooftop is terrible for your home, and it not only affects the look but causes a foul odor that can be difficult to abide by. In addition, there are health risks as well.
Smaller gaps in rooftops require investigation for leakage and mold. Many home experts use an infrared camera when doing this job.
Check the Gutters & Rooftop Downspouts-The gutters are a very commonly overlooked area of a house. So ignored that we have even seen flower beds in some homes. This is what happens when the gutters of a home are highly neglected. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice yearly to maintain cleanliness, and the truth is that most people struggle with cleaning the gutters at least once per year. When you clean gutters, water flows seamlessly and channels to the downspouts.
A Few Last Tips about Buying a Home
While an experienced inspector will do most of these checks for you, it’s vital that you stay vigilant concerning inspecting the roof of the home you are considering buying.
Once all inspections are complete, you should have a final report. Based on that report, you should negotiate the pricing of the house and the repairs that must be done before you purchase that house as your new home.
If you live in the Roswell, Alpharetta, Atlanta area and need a roof evaluation on your home for sale, we want you to know that we can provide you with a detailed, written inspection report of your roof. If you need an inspection, please get in touch with us, and we will be glad to help you.

Roof Depot offices in Alpharetta, GA & Roswell, GA, serve North Georgia and beyond. Celebrating 25 years in business, Roof Depot has designed a system through training, certification, and experience that guarantees you the roof you deserve.

With a custom, innovative approach to roofing, we are with our customers every step of the way, from start to finish. We offer top-quality workmanship and products with an honest and dependable Roof Depot Team! Give us a call with any of your roofing needs at 1-800-MY-ROOFER!


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